Saturday, January 8, 2011

எந்திரன் 100 வது நாள் விழா

                                     எந்திரன் 100 வது நாள் விழா

டெண்டுல்கர் அடித்த சதங்களை மிஞ்சியது தலைவரின் வெள்ளி விழா படங்கள். அந்த வரிசையில் இதோ தலைவரின் எந்திரன் படம் இன்று நூறாவது நாள்.

                                    நன்றி:ஆர்குட் ரஜினி நண்பர்கள்

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Anonymous said...

Dear Arul:

Thanks for your post on Endhiran's 100th day.

It is another great achievement for our Thalaivar - India's No. 1 SuperStar - the one and only, Rajinikanth. This is a movie of epic proportion with several greats coming together starting from Rajini, followed by Shankar (Direction), Rahman (Music), Aishwarya (Actress-though her Ravan was a big bomb), and Sun Pictures (production). Finally, all that started well ended well. Movie became one of the great all-time blockbusters.

This fellow - jealous friend - Paavalan tried to copy, teetoe the success of this movie, but his arrow was shot aimlessly and failed deservedly.

What I cannot tolerate is that during the audio launch of his Ambu, he has dissed off A.R. Rahman and heaped praises on Devi Shri Prasad. If Pavalan likes DSP, there is nothing wrong. It is his personal choice. But Pavalan made the statement (read latest Kumudam issue) - "After MSV and Ilaiyaraja, the tamil music emperor's seat has become vacant and Devi Shree Prasad has the talent to fill it."

Who said the seat is vacant???!
Rahman is sitting majestically in that seat - not just Tamil music, but Indian music and Hollywood awarded him Oscar. He is set to conquer more awards. How can Pavalan ignore Rahman's music?

Please give him a fitting reply in your web-forum. (Kindly check the full article in Kumdam's Cinema Special).

Yours truly,
Dr. S.

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