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                                           ENDHIRAN SCIENTIFIC FACTS-2

Hello World,

 My posting about “Endhiran scientific facts” received a warm welcome. So this given me lot of confidence for writing “Endhiran scientific facts 2”.

Get Ready folks.


1.                        In chitti introduction scene, Chitti says “Hello world”. Why chitti is using this words?

For every assembly programming language the first output of the program will be “Hello World”. So if you are watching chitti as a programmed machine you will get so many logics behind it.

2.                        Chitti is only a robot but how he does the magic of taking control over the remote of raghav in the music set scene.

Hi all remotes are operating in infrared. So Chitti taken the control of music set using his infrared port, it is not possible for any other remote to use.

It is just like transferring the data to other phone using infra red. At a time only one port can be accessed.

3.                        Why Bohra is giving another life to chitti using same Vaseegaran mask?

It is just clear from the movie Bohra wants to ruin the name of the vaseegaran .So he is using the same mask what vaseegaran used with the help of karunas and sandanam.

4.                        How chitti jumps from the water in to the bridge in the train scene. Because bridge is not made of magnetic objects .It is only made up of stone?

I too not clear about this logic. If anyone knowing please post it in comments.


5.                        What is the qualification of Dr.Vassegaran mentioned during robotics conference?

He done Post doctorate in robotics in Stanford University (No 1 research institute in World located in US)
Also he done PhD in Robotics in Carnegie Melon University (No 1 robotics institute in World located in US).

6.                        When Karunas and santhanam are drinking, Chitti will be displaying a message peripheral trouble shooting. What is that?

It is just an external devices connected with the chitti. Like Scanner, printers and other external sources. He is just troubleshooting all before the AIRD approval.
7.                        In Robotic conference one person asking whether 24157817 is a Fibonacci number? What is that?

Fibonacci numbers are 0 and 1, and each subsequent number is the sum of the previous two. So after 0 and 1 the next Fibonacci is 1,2,3,5 and so on.

But chitti will be saying it is 22nd Fibonacci. But it is wrong. It is actually 37th Fibonacci number. If anyone knowing why they are saying like this please put it in comments.

8.                        When calculating the largest prime number chitti is saying it will take some years for us to calculate? Is that true?

Yes. The largest prime number is M44. The previous one M43 discovered on November 2005. But the next one M44 discovered on September 2006. So this takes 10 months. So from calculating from 1 it will take some years.

9.                        Which processor is having the capacity of 1 zeta byte memory and 1 terahz speed?

The processor name is Pentium ultra core millennia v2. This was explained to bohra by chitti in robotic conference scene. Film unit take ultimate care for showing this more advanced than terminator.


10.                    How chitti is running so fast without vibration and not making sound in train scene?

The motor chitti is using (HFPL 450s motor from hirata Japan) has having a harmonic connection gear unit.

The main functions of harmonic connection gear units are zero backlash, high positional accuracy, low vibration and a compact design.  

11.                    When bohra asking whether you will save Einstein or Child, chitti is replying hypothetical question why?

Einstein is no more. But Bohra is taking it to be true for the purpose of argument. So chitti replying as Hypothetical question.

12.                    What is the name of the robot which giving flower to Vaseegaran in introduction

The robot name is R2. Which is the name of the robots in Star War movie also. Shankar may be used it to attract children. But according to santhanam the robot name is Aluminia kundan.


13.                    What about the dialogues in the movie?

They are really excellent. When chitti finds vaseegaran in robot group he will say “he is the Trojan”. Trojan is a virus which will look like the original one but will hack the system. So that dialogue is really nice.

14.                    Any special director touch in the movie?

Yes. When glasses are broken due to the over sound, with the window glasses also one of the man spectacles also will broken. I enjoyed it.

15.                    We are not able to understand what is tortoise paradox convergence series with
Achilles? This will be asked in the AIRD approval.

Achilles is in a footrace with the tortoise. Achilles allows the tortoise a head start of 100 meters. If we suppose that each racer starts running at some constant speed (one very fast and one very slow), then after some finite time, Achilles will have run 100 meters, bringing him to the tortoise's starting point. During this time, the tortoise has run a much shorter distance, say, and 10 meters. It will then take Achilles some further time to run that distance, by which time the tortoise will have advanced farther; and then more time still to reach this third point, while the tortoise moves ahead. Thus, whenever Achilles reaches somewhere the tortoise has been, he still has farther to go. Therefore, because there are an infinite number of points Achilles must reach where the tortoise has already been, he can never overtake the tortoise.
   So this is what the explanation given by chitti in AIRD approval.

16.                    Is there anyway vaseegaran will prevent chitti from seeing aishwariya rai(SMS message just for comedy)
Yes. He needs to include the following program line.
if (figure==sana)

goto next_figure:

With this I am signing off.




cap tiger said...

nice one to see all scientific facts. here my points about renguski scene:
some fans didnot like the mosquito scene and kalabavan mani scene. 4th time i watched in devi at that time i found some psycology fact behind those scenes.

1)MOSQUITO SCENE: (a)even robo can put its all efforts to finish a task for its girl friend if it has love feelings.
(b)Girls never change bcos if chitti is human , sana will say go and bring the moon or some great task that what human can't do.

but she can't say to a human bring the mosquito which bites me!.
bcos human will lie by bring some mosquito says this only bites you!

here she thought millions of mosquitoes and chitti wont find it and says the truth " sorry sana, i cant find out that mosquito" and surrender for her. This what a woman want.
But all you know that chitti used mosquito mode and bring back the rengusky.

2) KALABAVAN MANI SCENE: In this scene you saw that vasi looks dull that he thinks about chitti and sana says "enaku kudathan kashtama irunduchu, but just forgot it, chitti illana yenna? athu madri 100 robo neenga seiyalaam" but now also vasi dont get out of car and thinks deeply. after that kalabavan mani came and you know the escapade of vasi and sana from him. then they laughed.

Here the psychology fact is when kalabavan mani grab sana hand, she says " ippo citti irundha nalla irukum, ivana adichurupaan" vasi " ippo yen chittiya nyabaga paduthura?" see, now the actual thinker of chitti is sana only, vasi thinks about his project only. and when they escaped they laughed bcos of their true thought revealed that sana still remember chitti and vasi still fears chitti overcome for sana.

Anonymous said...

Hey good article in behindwoods.... Though sum points were silly(5th,7th)n foolish(9th)....
Enthiran was gud but not as expected ...Poor storyline.Graphics in many scenes were pathetic...

So u cant call it a 100% perfect movie or watever.Dont call it a milestone movie.Tat wud b silly.
If Enthiran is a gud movie, then Aayirathil oruvan is 1000 times better than tat....

Aayirathil oruvan had a very new(experimental) story... It was just underrated...

shamnas said...

There is a hollywood film similar to robot.. It's name is beneficial mam. answer this.

arul said...


Please see the movie becential man.Its not beneficial mam. So before seeing the film dont say like that

arul said...


Please see the movie becential man.Its not beneficial mam. So before seeing the film dont say like that

Dhiva said...

@Arul & @shamnas,

You both should see the movie "Bicentennial man". That's not beneficial mam or becential man ;) ;)

BTW, ENTHIRAN and Bicentennial man are both different type of films. Don't give a wrong comment before watching films.

Anonymous said...

Your explanations are completely dubious. The movie is full of factual flaws, most of it is SCIENCE FICTION and not SCIENCE FACT. Please lookup the dictionary to understand the differences.

Anonymous said...


vijaysist said...

GREAT EXPLANIATION and Funny Comments here and there:)

Really Enjoyed reading this Article:)

I also Learnt many Scientific terms thro this one:)

Thank U Mr.A.Arulselvan.

Joydeep Ghosh said...

Please put up the court room arguments put forward by Chitti

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