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Hello World,

As rightly said by our thalaivar(I will mention only Rajini as “thalaivar” because of high passionate over him)in the audio function that watching Endhiran is experience. I hope at this time almost 80% of the audience will got this experience(hopefully in theatres). So it is not the time to review this movie and saying movie is 100% perfect. Because all the media’s starting from NDTV ending with small bloggers were saying that it was the best ever movie will take Indian cinema to the next level.
Now come to the topic, may be many of the people still think I don’t find anything special in the movie. For those people and the others who are still having questions with the logics in the movie I am creating this article in a question answer format. If you have any further more questions please visit my blog and ask the questions in the comments section because those valuable comments are boost to all blog writers. It a technical bonus to all.
- Arul Selvan
Let us go to the question and answer
1. Who is Isaac Asimov mentioned in the movie?
Isaac Asimov is the father of robotics who created three laws for the robotics. All the robots which are created should follow his rules. All the three laws has the basic concept that robot should not harm the human beings.
2. How come Chitti suddenly uses staking rollers in foot in railway tracks?
In the robotic conference scene, Vaseegaran said that chitti, the robot has an inbuilt vehicle. So he uses the inbuilt vehicle on a track.
3. How it is possible to program all the words in a language to robot?
Yes, It is not possible to program all the words in a language to robot. In the scene when chitti was driving vaseegaran to the park he don’t put the break, Auto driver come and say “Savugraki”. Chitti suddenly utters “New word Savugraki”. So chitti also don’t know some words in the language.
rajini Iyyanar  எந்திரன் தி ரோபோ – படமல்ல, ஒரு அறிவியல் களஞ்சியம்! Guest Article!!
4. Your answer to Q3 you are saying new word will not be used by Chitti, but when Aishwariya saying I wasted the time and I don’t know what to do for tomorrow exam. Chitti using the word “Zigbee” showing with victory symbol?
Hi “Zigbee: is a word. Zigbee is the protocol for USB3.0 transmitter which is used for the high tech bit in the exam in the film.
5. How Chitti charges himself in the train scene and come to save Aishwariya? Because at that time he has no feelings.
Your question should be answered in two ways.
Robot is programmed in such a way that it should automatically charge during low battery time. It is explained in the train scene,as soon as he getdown with the low battery he falls down searching for a plug point….and thats why he catches a rowdy’s xyz part and he falls… soon has he was threw out of the train….he picks up the current box and charges himself…..even in boom boom song….shankar has showed a scene that robot charges himself (that time only santh & karunz ties his shoes together).
In the second way, if you watch the previous scene carefully while Aish caught on copying, and she will say CHITTI as mental. But chitti will say at that time “Incomplete task”. So he will go to the roof and use vision technology for copying.
In the same method the task was incomplete for chitti when he fell down from the train so he charged up himself with the battery to save Aishwariya rai.
rajini arima  எந்திரன் தி ரோபோ – படமல்ல, ஒரு அறிவியல் களஞ்சியம்! Guest Article!!
6. In the Black sheep scene how chitti saying that vassegaran will be here after Aishwarya rai touches one of the two fingers?
In the previous scene Aishwariya rai put her engagement ring on to chitti’s hand. So when chitti is asked to touch one of his fingers, she touches the finger with ring. So he realizes vassegaran will be here.
7. Titanium can withhold 1000 degrees but when its got heated it temperature will increases to 600 degrees so when chitti is holding the girl and infant with his hand probably she will be die? Explain this logic.
When Chitti running to save the people from fire, Coolant valves activated message will appear. Probably this will rapidly cool the titanium. These kind of messages used so brilliantly throughout the film. For example, After the robot seminar, when bunch of girls ask for photo, when they take photo with chitti, when the flash comes, chitti display shows ‘vision blur’ and that method was used in climax fight also.
8. The girl at the fire accident scene does not wear the dress as soon as fire comes?
It is clearly shown in the film that girl clothes will got ruined in fire as soon as the chitty enters into the bathroom.
enthiran2  எந்திரன் தி ரோபோ – படமல்ல, ஒரு அறிவியல் களஞ்சியம்! Guest Article!!
The Most Important Scene of the Film
9. How does Chitti says the blood group of Dr.Vasi just in a sight while he sees the drop in the floor?
Chitti has inbuilt blood scanner and during checking the blood group ,Chitti message will show as analyzing DNA.
10. Is talking to mosquito a silly scene?
Some people claim that talking with mosquito is a silly scene. But languages and tones will have different frequencies. So when he speaking with mosquitoes the change in frequency message will appear. (This is also excellent thinking by writer Sujatha who will explain global recession in a single word to the comman man. He just want to explain the comman man what Robot can do.) Also the scene makes people and children aware of the water borne desesases spread by mosquitoes. Now you tell… Is that a silly scene?
11. In the climax scene a group of students would visit the dismantled Robot and one girl asks why he was dismantled. Just at that moment she sees the robot respond to it by saying “Naan sindhikka aarambichutten!”. And within a blink of her eye she sees everything to be normal. Explain what they try to explain?
Infact that is a puzzle to the audience, did the Robot really dismantle himself? Or did he really use his brain which had the ability to think and is just acting as if he is passive? Or was it just an assumption of that little Girl.
12. Whether this is copy of any Hollywood film?
Oliver stone the winner of 3 Oscar awards for direction said to the reporters it is the best Indian film I had seen with such originality.
Enthiran1  எந்திரன் தி ரோபோ – படமல்ல, ஒரு அறிவியல் களஞ்சியம்! Guest Article!!
13. Came to know film is going to released in Japanese? Whether any news on that?
“Irumbile oru idhayam” song, starts with the lines “arigato ozaimas” that means, “Thank you so much” in Japanese.
14. How much this film grossed worldwide so far?
Rupees 338 crores at the finish of third week.
15. Chitti IP address “” is the IP address of “VERIZON COMMUNICATIONS, WASHINGTON DC”? Why it is used like that?
I do also not know about this. If anyone knowing the answer please put in the comments.
16. In Robotic conference,Scientists anouncing that Vaseegaran done ph.D in Carnegie melon.What is that?
Carnegie melon is in US. This is the no.1 university for Robotics in the world.
17. Is there anything special about Rasool pookuty sound editing?
Yes. In all the scenes chitty is moving hands, walking and any movement machine sound will appear all the time. (like kirk Kirk).
18. How many teams worked in the Endhiran film?

Really I do not know about this. But last time I seen the film after the Endhiran making I found that credits after the endhiran movie will run for exact 14 minutes. So that much work involved in the movie.
19. How chitty able to read the book without opening the books?
When chitty doing like this 3D scan doc message will displayed in the screen. So this is may be 3D scanning.
20. The Robot used in the Endhiran charges itself with AC (Power socker.near Railway line) then how it charge itself with DC in the climax (Using car battery)???
May be Robot has built in invertor. If anyone have clear idea please put it in comments.
21.Chitti can be dismantled just by using the axe. Then how can it is possible for chitti to move the lorries. (Question asked in Anatha vikatan Endhiran review)?

This is useless question. They should go to automotive manufacturing companies to see how the small robots will lift the car and lorries to some distance. All the big machines will have simple nut and bolts only for dismantle.
22. What’s the reason for such a mega success of this film?
Right packaging by Shankar, Stunning Music by Rahman and above all ITS OUR ONE AND ONLY SUPERSTAR the reason for this movie’s astounding success. He’s the only mantra for making profit more than 100 crores in Indian film.
With this I am signing off.


Vaanathin Keezhe... said...

Ya... Rajini is the soul and manthra of the success of Enthiran - The Robot!

Nice write up. Good.


Renga said...

Hi Arul - superb article by you. Answer me 2 more questions - during the inspection, Villain chitti chops the head of a robo and pierces the tummy of another robo. How did it misidentify in those 2 places?

Saranya said...

Utilize u r time in a best way

Rajan said...

U dint watch THX 1138,Bi centennial Man,Android Apocalypse,Small Wonder??

Anonymous said...

Superb article . . good work . . wishes to ur further posts . .

Anonymous said...

Hey good article in behindwoods.... Though sum points were silly(5th,7th)n foolish(9th)....
Enthiran was gud but not as expected ...Poor storyline.Graphics in many scenes were pathetic...

So u cant call it a 100% perfect movie or watever.Dont call it a milestone movie.Tat wud b silly.
If Enthiran is a gud movie, then Aayirathil oruvan is 1000 times better than tat....

Aayirathil oruvan had a very new(experimental) story... It was just underrated...

venkat said...

Indha aarvatha nee vera ethalayavathu kanbichiruntha periya aal aagi irukalam. Poi veliaya paaru da...

Senthil Kumar Murugesan said...

U r etails abt the film and all is OK da... but u see the scenes clearly... Hope none of the unit dont know the spelling of "NEURAL TRANSFER".. Wn Rajini transfers the schema to the robot and when Bhora transfers the same to the robot, see the spelling that displays in Computer...(U r saying it as the best...).. Not even crossed 50 days but several theatres had stopped showing the film da...Its not a milestone movie and all...2 my point Shankar is one of teh worst directors in India... I am now itself so sad that how he s going to destroy the good film like "3 Idiots"...
(Am not blaming Rajini / Aish... They are just actors...)

Anonymous said...

Man, really want to know how can you be that smart, lol...great read, thanks.

Anonymous said...

If you are open to having a guest blog poster please reply and let me know. I will provide you with unique content for your blog, thanks.

arul said...

@anonymous please send your valuable post.I will post it as a guest post

Anonymous said...

ஹலோ , இது ஒரு ராமநாராயணன் வகை படம் டா . இதுக்கு நீ ரெண்டு வழியில வேற பதில் எழுதுறியா ? கொடுமைடா சாமி. ரோபோ கேரக்டருக்கு இந்த வயதானவர் சிறிதும் பொருந்தவில்லை . உங்க அலப்பறைய கொஞ்சம் நிறுத்து . முடியல.

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